When Service Matters

Entertaining at home should be a time to relax and enjoy family and friends. There’s no need to stress out over all the details of your party that can make it work instead of fun. No matter the occasion, The Party Staff’s experienced professionals can handle every aspect of your home event. We strictly hire W2 employees, all of whom are covered with Workers’ Compensation and disability insurance, for your protection and to ensure there will be no hidden taxes or additional fees for you.



From setup to service, breakdown and cleanup —
The Party Staff does it all!

  • Party Captains
  • Greeters & coat checks
  • Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Barbacks
  • Tray Passers
  • Buffet Attendants
  • Bussers
  • Chefs
  • Grill cooks
  • Carvers
  • Dishwashers

Sit back and relax and let the Party Staff make you feel like a guest at your next party.

Attire Options


Staffing will depend on the style of service and the number of guests at your party. Please call or email The Party Staff location near you. An office team member will be happy to discuss the details of your event and assist you in determining the quantity of staff that's right for your event.

For a quick reference, refer to our staffing calculator or our staffing guidelines under Party Tips.
The Party Staff excels by focusing only on staffing. We don't provide food, beverages or rentals, but we're glad to refer you to companies in your area that provide those services. We're strictly a corporate event and residential party staffing company.
Generally, we suggest your staff arrive 30 minutes to one hour prior to your guests' arrival. It is recommended that staff arrive earlier if they are expected to help with setup and/or décor, or if they will be preparing the meal.
Our servers, event captains, bartenders, and cooks can execute any type of event - from elaborate weddings to intimate dinners. Whether you are working with a caterer, having your favorite restaurant deliver food, or preparing the meal yourself, having just one or an entire team of Party Staffers on hand to take care of service allows you to relax and enjoy your special event.

All of our employees have an average of one year experience in the catering/food service industry. We only send our most experienced and personable staff to residential parties.
Yes, in addition to our prep cooks and grill cooks, Party Staff employs executive level personal chefs who can work with you to create and cook a complete customized menu for your special event. Please inquire well in advance if you are in need of a Personal Chef.
Our bartenders arrive with a bar kit consisting of a martini shaker/strainer, ice scoop, a pint glass, mixing spoon, wine opener, speed pourers, bar towel and a small cutting board with fruit knife. Please note: Party Staff does not provide beverages of any kind, ice, or fruit or other garnishes. Click on our bar recommendations for suggestions about bar supplies for your event.
Cooks arrive with a knife kit and dressed in chef whites.
On larger parties or events with an intricate time line (like a formal sit down dinner) Party Staff Event Captains have the leadership experience and problem-solving skills to ensure your event runs seamlessly.
Hourly rates vary depending on the job description. There is a five hour minimum on all residential events. Please contact your nearest Party Staff office for rates in your area.
When we take your order we will ask for all of your pertinent contact information as well as a valid credit card number to confirm the order. The office holds the card number on file. It is never shared with the staffer(s) working the event. Depending on the number of staff you need, a deposit may be required.
With the exception a few busy nights per year, Party Staff often has the ability to accommodate "last-minute" orders for staff so please don't hesitate to call your local Party Staff office and inquire today.
The hourly rate does not include any gratuity for our staff. Tipping is always at your discretion. If our staff meet or exceed your expectations, we suggest a gratuity between 20%-30% depending on your level of satisfaction. You can pay the staff directly in cash, or the gratuity can be added to your final credit card.
Please contact your office of The Party Staff immediately.


Need to know what bar supplies to buy, how to staff your party, or what the correct place setting is for a formal meal? Here are some guidelines you will find helpful for your next home party.

Bar Supplies

Bar Supply List for 100 Guests

These lists are to be used as a guideline. If you are familiar with your guests preferences, you may need to add or delete items from this list.

*Be sure there is a waterproof trash can near the bar.
A cardboard box lined with two plastic bags works well for this purpose.

Hard Liquor List (1 liter size) for 100 Guests

2 vodka Optional Hard Liquor
2 gin 1 Cognác
2 scotch 1 brandy
1 bourbon whiskey 1 Kahlua
1 rye whiskey 1 Baileys
1 tequila 1 Amaretto
1 light rum 1 Grand Marnier
1 triple sec 1 apple Liqueur

Wine & Beer List for 100 Guests

Wine & Beer
4-6 bottles white wine
1 bottle rose
4-6 bottles red wine
1 case regular beer
1 case lite beer

Soda & Mixer List for 100 Guests

Sodas* Mixers
1 case Coca Cola or Pepsi 1 small bottle grenadine
1 case Coca Cola or Pepsi 1 bottle Sweet & Sour mix(more if you plan on serving margaritas)
1 case 7up or Sprite 1 bottle triple sec
One-half case Diet 7up or Sprite 1 bottle bloody mary mix
8 1-liter bottles tonic 1 small bottle dry vermouth
6 1-liter bottles club soda 1 small bottle sweet (red) vermouth
3 2-liter bottles ginger ale 2 quarts orange juice
1 case sparkling mineral water 1 quart grapefruit juice
2 quarts cranberry juice
4 pitchers of water
1 small bottle Rose’s Lime


*Note: 10 ounce bottles or 12 ounce cans are preferable.
Plastic one or two liter containers go flat very quickly after being opened.

Garnishes & Ice List for 100 Guests

12 limes ICE:

For 100 guests, you will need approximately 150 pounds. You will need more if you plan to chill your beer and wine on ice or if you will be serving blended drinks such as daiquiris or margaritas. During warm months, increase ice by 25%.

12 lemons
1 jar maraschino cheeries
1 jar olives
1 jar onions
300 cocktail napkins
300 ten ounce tumblers
100 stir sticks or straws


Bartending Staffing

1 Bartender per 75 guests for a beer/wine bar
1 Bartender per 50 guests for a full bar

Staffing Guidelines

These staffing suggestions are meant to serve as a general guideline.

Formal Sit Down Dinner

(10 – 12 guests per table)
Budget – 2 servers per 3 tables
Standard – 1 server per table
Superior – 1 server per table & 1 back server/runner per 2 tables
1 Floor Captain for every 5 tables

Buffet Service

(8 foot buffet with 2 – 3 served items)
1 Server per served item
1 Runner per buffet
1 Server per 25 guests for china dishware
1 Server per 50 guests for disposable dishware
1 Floor Captain for every 100 guests

Tray-passed Appetizers

1 Server per 25 guests
1 Busser per 25 guests

Beverage Service*

1 bartender per 75 guests
Superior – 1 bartender & 1 barback per 75 guests

*Per our Liquor Liabilty Insurance carrier

Staffing Calculator

These staffing suggestions are meant to serve as a general guideline. Please contact your nearest Party Staff representative who will be happy to assist you in determining your specific event staffing needs.