Make a Splash With Our Summer Party Ideas at Your Next Special Event

With warmer weather and longer days, summertime is the perfect time to gather family, friends, and neighbors for memorable special events. From music festivals and weddings to fireworks displays and sporting events, there are endless opportunities to throw the summer party of your dreams!

At The Party Staff, our experienced professionals are equipped to handle every type of event under the sun. From setup to service, breakdown and cleanup—we do it all! So, if you’re planning an exciting summer event, check out our top party ideas to wow your guests!

5 Tips for Summer Party Success


Offer a Variety of Refreshing Meal or Snack Options

Serve a diverse selection of light, refreshing dishes that are suitable for summer. Include salads, fresh fruits, grilled vegetables, and chilled appetizers. Consider dietary restrictions and offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Incorporate BBQ or Grilling Stations

Set up BBQ or grilling stations to provide a fun and interactive dining experience. Offer grilled meats, seafood, and vegetarian options. Allow guests to customize their dishes with a variety of sauces, condiments, and toppings.

Drinks and Bar Service

Create Signature Summer Cocktails

Design a special drink menu with signature summer cocktails. Offer refreshing options like mojitos, margaritas, fruity spritzers, or mocktails. Include non-alcoholic choices and provide a selection of chilled beverages for hydration.

Offer a Self-Service Drink Station

Set up a self-service drink station with a variety of beverages, including infused water, lemonade, iced tea, and flavored soda. Provide an assortment of garnishes, ice, and drinkware, allowing guests to create their own refreshing drinks—silly straws and cocktail umbrellas are always a big hit!

Fun Activities

Organize Water Games or Sports

Incorporate water-themed activities to beat the summer heat. Arrange water balloon tosses, water gun fights, or slip and slide challenges. If space permits, set up inflatable water slides or create a mini water park area for kids.

Provide options for outdoor games like volleyball, badminton, cornhole, or frisbee. Encourage friendly competition by organizing tournaments or offering prizes for winners. Ensure there are shaded areas for spectators and those taking a break.

Decorations and Lights

Embrace a Tropical or Beach Theme

What’s a summer party without a classic beach theme? Use vibrant colors, tiki torches, palm leaves, and seashells to create a lively atmosphere. Hang string lights, lanterns, or fairy lights to add a magical touch when the sun goes down.

Set Up Chill-out Zones

Create cozy and comfortable lounge areas with cushions, hammocks, or bean bags. Provide shaded spots with umbrellas or canopies where guests can slip away and enjoy the ambiance.

Clean Up

Provide Ample Garbage and Recycling Bins

Strategically position garbage and recycling bins throughout the event area to encourage proper waste disposal. Clearly label the bins and consider having designated staff to monitor and empty them regularly.

Arrange for Post-Event Cleanup

Plan for efficient and timely cleanup after the event. Hire a professional cleaning crew through a hospitality staffing services provider like The Party Staff to ensure the venue is left clean and tidy.

By following these tips, you’ll create a fantastic summer special event that provides your guests with delicious food and drinks, engaging activities, and an atmosphere they’ll love. And the best part is, you can do it all without lifting a finger with the help of The Party Staff!

Sail Away to Paradise With The Party Staff

With experience and expertise in multiple industries, The Party Staff is highly qualified to deliver temporary and permanent special event staff for corporate and residential events. Every Party Staff consultant is a W2 employee covered with Workers’ Compensation and disability insurance for your protection. We specially select the perfect individuals and teams of staff based on your specific event requirements.

We can place people in positions such as:

  • Servers
  • Buffet Attendants
  • Bussers
  • Food Runners
  • Tray Passers
  • Dishwashers
  • Stewards
  • Housemen
  • Bartenders
  • Barbacks
  • And more!

Ready to let the good times roll at your special event this summer? Reach out to The Party Staff team today.

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Why Hospitality in Healthcare Matters

Yes, our name is The Party Staff, but hospitality isn’t all partying. Hospitality matters tremendously in healthcare, and the recent years of increased hospital visits have made that all the more apparent.

Patient satisfaction scores have seen increased scrutiny, and although medical care plays a key role in that score, hospitality is a close second. This includes every element of the hospital that serves to make the stay less emotionally sterile and more physically comfortable—think food, amenities, and décor, as well as the people themselves who deliver these services. Read on for more insight.

Why Hospitality Is Important in Healthcare

Patients are not typically viewed as traditional “customers,” but in many ways that’s exactly what they are—and if their evolving habits as shoppers are anything to go by, they expect empathy, efficiency, and quality at every turn. Certainly, medical staff are the key players here, but “behind the scenes” hospitality staff are just as important in ensuring those expectations are met.

A study cited by Cornell University calls this the “halo effect”—where “front-stage room and board” is weighted higher by many patients than the medical treatment itself. After all, the phrase “food is medicine” rings true, and as such, the cafeteria becomes as important as the operating theater. The same is true for assisted living facilities and other healthcare settings where hospitality often takes center stage.

Some healthcare leaders go so far as to say that better food hospitality can actually aid in a patient’s speedy recovery. Nutrition, of course, has a significant impact on recovery and wellness, but it goes further than that. Flexible and timely room service, for example, can make all the difference to a patient in the maternity ward or even oncology. For patients with reduced mental acuity, well-timed and delivered food service can lower anxiety and related health outcomes.

People-First Healthscapes

Implementing a more hospitable environment, what Boston University calls “hospitality healthscapes,” is one step toward providing patients with a more satisfying and productive stay. But to do so, healthcare institutions need the right staff in place. And while no food hospitality staff members are required to go through quite as much schooling and credentialling as a doctor or nurse in order to be hired, screening and onboarding the right people is still critical.

Hospitality staffing in healthcare is an often-overlooked piece of the puzzle. These are positions that require an urgent sense of customer service as well as a heightened level of empathy. People in these roles are another touchpoint for the patient, who may be overwhelmed by their situation or simply by the process of getting service. Patient safety and wellbeing are the number one priority, so finding people who can satisfy the profile for hospitality jobs can be tricky.

How The Party Staff Can Help

With our experience and expertise across multiple industries, The Party Staff is highly qualified to deliver temporary and permanent hospitality staff for the healthcare industry. From background checks and TB testing to food handlers cards and skills assessments, we have a robust pre-employment prescreening process to vet the people we’re sending to hospitals and assisted living centers.

We can place people in positions such as:

  • Food Servers
  • Cooks
  • Dishwashers
  • Cashiers
  • Dietary Aids

For more information about our hospitality staffing services, click here.

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Sleigh Your Holiday Party: 5 Festive Tips to Guarantee a Memorable Event for All

Not all holiday parties are made equally. Guests will always be holly and jolly, but ideally, you’d rather host the “homemade apple pie” of holiday soirées than the “regifted fruitcake.” So, this year, skip the mistletoe and instead try out these 5 festive tips to guarantee that your holiday event has everyone eating, drinking, and being merry.

1. Serve up one-of-a-kind signature drinks

Nothing gets the party going quite like a fun, delicious cocktail. There are countless delectable treats that are associated with this time of year, providing endless possibilities for a signature drink. A few of our personal favorites are:

  • Pecan Pie Martini: RumChata, crème de cocoa, bourbon
  • Santa Claus-mopolitan: vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, fresh lime juice
  • Mistletoe Mule: vodka, ginger beer, crushed candy canes, fresh lime juice
  • Apple Cider Old Fashioned: whiskey, bitters, apple cider, cinnamon sticks
  • RumChata Egg Nog: RumChata, egg nog, cinnamon sticks

2. Invest in a holiday-themed photo booth

Whether you’re throwing a work party or a family get-together, photo booths are a hit with any crowd – and a total no-brainer for making your holiday event memorable. Not only do guests get to goof around with an assortment of fun props (think reindeer antlers, yarmulkes, and elf ears), they also receive a cute keepsake for their fridge or scrapbook. Plus, most photo booths these days come with digital copies, just in case someone loses their printed version after a few Santa Claus-moplitans.

3. Gift ornament souvenirs

Similarly, an ornament souvenir is great for all ages, gifting your guests a unique memento that will keep them reminiscing on your holiday party for years to come. Offering this simple party favor with the date of your event (and event name if applicable) is also a great way to show gratitude to your guests, without breaking the bank on goodies. The holiday season is the time of giving after all!

4. Hold a charity drive

To that point, giving includes giving back. Your event can be the perfect opportunity to help the underprivileged in your local community. Choose a cause that you care about and encourage your guests to bring items to donate at the door. If you’re passionate about a specific foundation, donations can even serve as a ticket into the event! Whichever organization you choose, you can have a life-changing impact on your neighbors in need. Consider requesting:

5. Work with The Party Staff

Last, but definitely not least, make your event an incredible time for all by partnering with The Party Staff. We’ve spent the past 30 years perfecting our holiday party service, ensuring best-in-class quality and compliance every single time. Whether you’re gathering a few guests in your home or hosting thousands at a convention center, our hospitality professionals are equipped to cook, serve, bartend, greet, clean, and so much more. Instead of stressing over the nuances of your evening, you can actually enjoy the event that you’ve worked so hard to put on – you deserve it.

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this holiday season – book your event now!


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The Secret to Planning a Successful Event

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The Secret to Planning a Successful Event

There are endless factors that go into an event’s success – was there enough food to go around? Was the music too loud? Were the guests happy? Balancing all of the minor details of an event while wanting to enjoy the festivities can prove difficult, and many people opt to bring in outside help to make sure everything runs smoothly. Even then, when it comes to choosing who to work with, you have options, but you can’t trust just anyone. So, how can you guarantee a smooth-running, memorable event?

Partner with a Hospitality Staffing Service

The secret to planning a successful event is to partner with an experienced hospitality staffing service. Not only are they expertly equipped to execute your event, but they’re able to assist with the overall coordination and planning as well. Let’s break down a few major benefits of working with a hospitality staffing service:

Personal Touch

Hospitality staffing services are able to customize their offerings to meet your exact needs. From large corporate events to in-home dinners, they can tailor the team to any specifications that you require. During the planning process, the office can help with staffing and event support suggestions and event leads can be ordered to supervise staff or help coordinate the event to ensure that your guests are satisfied. Single or double order staff will be experienced enough to handle the necessary aspects of your event based on your specific needs.

If there are last minute changes to be made or a same day need for staff, their team can make it happen without you having to lift a finger. Some even have specially curated software, so their clients can access critical party information online, 24/7. This online portal can serve as a hub to place orders for staff, view invoices, give feedback, and more.

High-Quality Staff

When it comes to industry knowledge, hospitality staffing services are comprised of teams that know hospitality inside and out. They employ a wide range of professionals – from front of house servers and bartenders to back of house chefs and stewards – all of whom are vetted for extensive training and experience. Additionally, many staffing services offer paid training seminars to assist their employees in developing or refining key skill sets, such as formal service, leadership, and bartending. The staff arrives wearing matching attire, selected by you, and are able to assist from set-up to break-down.

Back-End Management

To put the cherry on top, by working with a staffing service, you avoid the cost and hassle of managing your own staff. They manage functions like interviewing, reference checks, payroll, paperwork, and adherence to state and local HR requirements, just to name a few. They also shield their clients from potential liability – leaving you with even less stress at the end of the day.

Guarantee That Your Next Event Is Exceptional

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, as well as the largest roster of on-call hospitality staff in California, Washington, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona, the Party Staff team knows the hospitality industry backwards and forwards. Whether you’re staffing an elite award show, like the Emmy’s, searching for employees to assist in a last-minute emergency, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Our top of the line compliance standards, knowledgeable employees, and personalized procedures set our service apart. Let us show you how to host a stellar event while still enjoying the party yourself.

Learn more about how the Party Staff can make your next gathering extraordinary or request a quote for your upcoming event, today!


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