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The Secret to Planning a Successful Event


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There are endless factors that go into an event’s success – was there enough food to go around? Was the music too loud? Were the guests happy? Balancing all of the minor details of an event while wanting to enjoy the festivities can prove difficult, and many people opt to bring in outside help to make sure everything runs smoothly. Even then, when it comes to choosing who to work with, you have options, but you can’t trust just anyone. So, how can you guarantee a smooth-running, memorable event?

Partner with a Hospitality Staffing Service

The secret to planning a successful event is to partner with an experienced hospitality staffing service. Not only are they expertly equipped to execute your event, but they’re able to assist with the overall coordination and planning as well. Let’s break down a few major benefits of working with a hospitality staffing service:

Personal Touch

Hospitality staffing services are able to customize their offerings to meet your exact needs. From large corporate events to in-home dinners, they can tailor the team to any specifications that you require. During the planning process, the office can help with staffing and event support suggestions and event leads can be ordered to supervise staff or help coordinate the event to ensure that your guests are satisfied. Single or double order staff will be experienced enough to handle the necessary aspects of your event based on your specific needs.

If there are last minute changes to be made or a same day need for staff, their team can make it happen without you having to lift a finger. Some even have specially curated software, so their clients can access critical party information online, 24/7. This online portal can serve as a hub to place orders for staff, view invoices, give feedback, and more.

High-Quality Staff

When it comes to industry knowledge, hospitality staffing services are comprised of teams that know hospitality inside and out. They employ a wide range of professionals – from front of house servers and bartenders to back of house chefs and stewards – all of whom are vetted for extensive training and experience. Additionally, many staffing services offer paid training seminars to assist their employees in developing or refining key skill sets, such as formal service, leadership, and bartending. The staff arrives wearing matching attire, selected by you, and are able to assist from set-up to break-down.

Back-End Management

To put the cherry on top, by working with a staffing service, you avoid the cost and hassle of managing your own staff. They manage functions like interviewing, reference checks, payroll, paperwork, and adherence to state and local HR requirements, just to name a few. They also shield their clients from potential liability – leaving you with even less stress at the end of the day.

Guarantee That Your Next Event Is Exceptional

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, as well as the largest roster of on-call hospitality staff in California, Washington, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona, the Party Staff team knows the hospitality industry backwards and forwards. Whether you’re staffing an elite award show, like the Emmy’s, searching for employees to assist in a last-minute emergency, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Our top of the line compliance standards, knowledgeable employees, and personalized procedures set our service apart. Let us show you how to host a stellar event while still enjoying the party yourself.

Learn more about how the Party Staff can make your next gathering extraordinary or request a quote for your upcoming event, today!


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