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Keeping the Magic of America’s Favorite Pastimes Alive


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Sports are a beloved part of our culture. Who doesn’t have fond memories of singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” jumping up and down for their team’s game-winning touchdown, or just enjoying food and drink with friends and family from the comforts of their boxed seats?

So, when a stadium, ballpark, or arena is short-staffed for a major game, the experience of America’s favorite pastimes can lose some of that magic. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

What’s Going on In the Sports Industry

From 2021 to 2031, experts project overall employment in entertainment and sports occupations will grow 13%, much faster than the average for other professions. This increase should result in about 95,500 new jobs over the decade, which is good news for anyone working in or considering the industry. The concern (for some) is this: can those jobs be filled?

The apprehension comes from the fact that 61.7% of sports employers expect a talent shortage and a lack of qualified candidates to hinder their hiring efforts in the coming year. But with the right talent, live-sports events are on the verge of experiencing a much-needed Cinderella story.

Game Attendance

Sports attendance – the pandemic benched sports attendance. 2021 was a slow climb back to normal, but the 2022 numbers for both the NBA and MLB are close to pre-pandemic levels. And the NFL even surpassed their 2019 record.

Average Attendance Per Game


  • 2019 – 28,339
  • 2022 – 26,843


  • 2019 – 16,275
  • 2022 – 17,986


  • 2019 – 63,993
  • 2022 – 69,442

People have missed the comradery and competition of sports. As spectators return to the stands and stadiums, the enjoyment of the game will likely bring even higher numbers for 2023. However, that can all depend on how memorable and fun the experience will be.

How Party Staff Can Keep You in the Game

If you’re worried about playing short-handed with your service, we can support your sporting events to go off without a hitch! Because when your fans have a great time, they will want to come back for more.

Party Staff has one of the largest staff rosters in the West – all of whom are W2 employees covered with workers’ compensation and disability insurance. This ensures protection for your organization, along with no hidden taxes or additional fees for you. We draw from an extensive, diverse, and local talent pool, enabling us to staff your events with experienced and dependable industry professionals who arrive on time, properly attired, and prepared to work. Our team is ready to play ball!

Party Staff Hall of Fame Experiences

What kind of experiences do we staff? A better question is, what haven’t we done? We’re all-around sports fans and are ready for whatever game you are hosting. From football to basketball to baseball and golf (and beyond), we have your bases covered.

Events We Have Staffed in the Past

  • PGA Tours (like the Phoenix Golf Open)
  • NFL Games (including the Superbowl)
  • MLB Games
  • NBA Games

Whatever your sporting event may be, we can find the people to make it a slam dunk.

Ready to learn more about our staffing services? Reach out to Party Staff today, and let’s make this happen.


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