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Bored at Work? 3 Reasons to Try a Temp Job


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Jobs are a necessary part of life. But do you dread the thought of a 9-5 office job, doing the same thing over and over again? You are not alone in that struggle!

But don’t fret, we have a positive solution for this common conundrum. You don’t have to decide between lifeless option A and soul-sucking option B – you can actually bring fun and vibrancy into your everyday job!

Working temp jobs for events and local establishments offers a world of entertaining and lively experiences that will last you a lifetime. But is temp work worth it? Absolutely, and here’s three reasons why.

You’ll Find Fun & Flexibility

Working the event circuit offers a smorgasbord of activities to guard against drab monotony.

  • You can serve drinks to high society celebrities at the Grammys® or Emmys® (yes, we staff those events).
  • Let’s say you’re more of a sports person – well, you are in luck! We are all fore our favorite professional golfers at the PGA Tour, and we cheer loudly for jaw-dropping touchdowns at NFL games.
  • Maybe you have a little more southerner spice to your tastes– have no fear, we even hire porters for rodeos – yee-haw!
  • Or perhaps you have your eyes peeled to find ways to invest in community-based organizations; relief efforts are constantly on our radar. We send teams to supply food and other necessary items to towns impacted by forest fires and other natural disasters throughout the U.S.

Not only do we offer events of all kinds, but we provide flexible schedules. That means you can pick the shifts you want to work! No demanding, mandatory hours. You choose what suits you best. Maybe you’re paying your way through college – you can work the events that allow you to still make time for your studies and classes. Or maybe you have a steady job but could use the extra income. You can work the nights or weekends that fit into your calendar with everything you already have on your plate.

You’ll Earn Worthwhile Wages

You don’t have to twiddle your thumbs trying to figure out your next steps, career or otherwise. You can earn money right now by working events! Party Staff offers competitive compensation and bonuses. For example, if you refer a friend or family member and then work three full shifts, you will get $150. And, if you are a cook or dishwasher, you’ll receive $150 after you complete seven shifts with no cancellations. Showing up and doing the work really does pay off in the end!

You’ll Discover Direction

The beauty of temp work is that you gain experience in all shapes and sizes. And this, my friend, can be life-defining, especially when you are still attempting to figure out what you want to do with your life (trust us, we have all been there).

Maybe through setting up an event and connecting with people as a server, you realize you love the hospitality industry. You want to create events and experiences for individuals, celebrating momentous achievements and commemorating significant milestones. Perhaps you connect with organizations and individuals who are integral parts of a community and realize life in nonprofit work is for you. The possibilities are endless.

The truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know – but the more opportunities you take, the more you’ll gain clarity on what you want to do.

How do we make all this a reality? Well, we’ve been in the event industry for over 30 years and built relationships with our clients that have been in business just as long. In short, we love making lives better through memorable job experiences, all while having a grand old time. So why not give a temp job a try? You never know what opportunity is just around the corner.

Ready to get started? Find out more about our fun events and current openings here!


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