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New Spaces & New Faces in Orange County and San Diego


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After a rough 18 months, people are ready to party!

Party Staff is proud to announce that gatherings, parties, and events are back in full swing. We have new office locations and opportunities that are sure to provide fun and memorable experiences for your next job or staffed event. What’s so exciting about these vibrant new spaces? And how can they support you as a job seeker or employer? We are glad you asked.

New Office Spaces – Orange County and San Diego

While Party Staff has several excellent locations, we are currently expanding our California branches. Our offices in both Orange County and San Diego are beaming with life and color – take our word for it, the new spaces alone are worth a visit!

When you walk through our doors in Orange County, you’re greeted you with an atmosphere of fun. Swing by, and you might find our staff enjoying a break with a quick round of ping-pong, grabbing a drink from the cooler, or enjoying the next grilled snack from the giant outdoor BBQ. But don’t let our carefree exterior fool you – our team at Party Staff works hard to connect job seekers with the right events, and have a blast in the process!

In sunny San Diego, our new office is reflective of a modern art museum. The space showcases the talent of local artists, highlighting their one-of-a-kind pieces. If that isn’t enough to inspire creativity, the location also houses a tranquil Zen Garden. This quiet, beautiful space is certain to breathe serenity into any day.

These offices reflect the type of work environment we provide for our staff – engaging communities that encourage both fun and productivity. At the same time, we utilize today’s technology to ensure we complete our jobs with professionalism and efficiency. So, whether you are looking for new opportunities or need to hire more staff for your upcoming event, Party Staff is the place to go (especially in our new locations!).

Face-to-Face Connections

We have all felt the impact of the pandemic. And while our work schedules and personal plans changed for a time, job opportunities and celebrations are alive and thriving again. This is fantastic news, especially if you’re looking for new ways to earn money and build your work experience. Party Staff provides our seasonal work for events like NFL games, the PGA tour, the Oscars, MLB spring training, and more. Working at these unforgettable events is the chance of a lifetime.

And if you are planning your next big gathering for your company but need more staff to pull off your epic gathering, Party Staff’s team is up to the task. Since 1989, our business has consistently delivered exceptional hospitality staffing solutions for countless corporate, residential, and sporting events across the West Coast. Together, we can plan your next legendary event.

The Right Balance

Pick the jobs you want! When you work with Party Staff, you can drop, swap, and pick up shifts with colleagues, tailoring your work schedule to what’s important to you. Plus, every Party Staff event provides a new, lasting memory. Instead of spending your days in a cubicle or glued to a computer screen, you can experience new events all the time. The hospitality industry offers flexibility with multiple work schedules.

When you work with the Party Staff as an employer, we protect your company from all angles. We supply full workers’ compensation insurance (it’s illegal to employ staff without this), five million dollars in general liability insurance, and one million dollars in liquor liability insurance. We pay and administer all legally required payroll taxes, including social security, state disability, and unemployment, as well as state and federal taxes on behalf of our staff and clients. Plus, to further mitigate risk, we carry one million dollars in employment practices liability insurance. Our seasoned hospitality pros are ready to leave a stellar first impression for your next event.

So, there you have it. If you are looking for a job, we have options galore. If you need to hire staff, we have the connections. Contact us today, or better yet, stop by so we can chat face-to-face.

Interested in learning more about Party Staff and what we can do for you? Contact us today.


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