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Behind the Scenes with a Seasoned Employee: What Working for The Party Staff Could Mean for Your Future


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From the day that we opened our doors, we knew one thing to be certain: exceptional employees would make or break the success of our company. Providing so many services, and each one tailored to the unique specifications of every client or event, is no easy task. We’re grateful for our incredible team members that take on that challenge day in and day out.

So, what’s it like to spend every day on the job working in an exotic location, surrounded by new people? We sat down with long-time employee Robert G. to gain some insight on his experience as a Party Staff employee and what’s kept him with our team for over six years.

A Little About Robert

Robert applied to The Party Staff at the height of the recession. At the time, he owned his own catering company, but finding new clients was more difficult than ever and business was becoming scarce. That said, his heart was still in the service industry, and he began his tenure with us as a cook. With 15 years of catering experience and a degree from Corden Bleu Pasadena under his belt, Robert was more than qualified for the job. This begs the question: what about The Party Staff drew him to the role and has kept him with us for all of these years? Here’s what he shared with us.

Achieving Autonomy (& Happiness)

As previously mentioned, every day at The Party Staff is unique, and not just because each event that we staff is different. Party Staff employees are offered flexibility within their roles, both when it comes to their schedules and the responsibilities of their positions. For Robert, this has been one of the greatest benefits of the job. Every week, he’s able to choose his own work schedule, deciding which events he’d like to take on. Plus, outside of working solely as a cook, he has worked numerous other shifts in both the front and back of the house, sharpening new skillsets and challenging himself.

Today, work-life balance has become a game-changer for countless employees, regardless of their industry, with 73% of employees believing flexible work arrangements increase their on-the-job satisfaction. Unfortunately, nearly the exact same number of workers (72%) are unsatisfied with their current work-life balance, causing some to turn towards alternatives that offer more freedom.

From this, the gig economy has sprouted, drawing independent contractors to opt for contingent opportunities over the typical employment route. On the surface, this type of work seems beneficial on numerous fronts, but ultimately, it’s an unstable solution for a majority of professionals. At The Party Staff, we offer reliable, flexible employment for our team members, even providing benefits like 401(k), worker’s compensation, and insurance for eligible workers. As opposed to wishy-washy contracts, our combination of security and autonomy is one of the reasons that Robert values The Party Staff so much – his job is catered (no pun intended) to exactly what he needs to make life work.


Gaining Unparalleled Experience

Robert’s other favorite perk about working for The Party Staff is the extensive experience he’s gained. He’s been able to hone a variety of new skills, both through hands-on learning and through the professional development training courses that we offer our team members. From cooking to serving to bartending, these skill-development opportunities are paid and allow our employees to try out new skills or further develop their existing abilities. From one of these courses, Robert was even able to become a TIPS-certified bartender!

His experience extends beyond just the professional opportunities though – Robert also considers the personal experiences he’s had as a huge benefit. As a Party Staff employee, he’s in the thick of the action at once-in-a-lifetime events on a regular basis.

“I’ve been in California for the past 40 years and I’ve never seen some of these places,” said Robert. “Museums, halls, arenas; big events happening for hundreds or thousands of people! It feels incredible to be a part of something so huge.”

These exciting functions make for a unique work atmosphere – one that promotes fun and positivity for guests and employees alike. While Robert hasn’t personally worked them due to his location, examples of these experiences include the Waste Management Phoenix Open and the Primetime Emmy Awards, two major cultural events that we partner with annually.

Choosing a Hospitality Job That Works for You

Working extraordinary events with The Party Staff is about more than just a paycheck – it’s an incredible chance to further your career and broaden your horizons. Over the past 30 years, The Party Staff has provided hospitality workers for thousands of social functions and special events expanding across the entire West Coast. Robert is just one example of countless hard-working and trustworthy employees who’ve embraced the exceptional opportunities that working with a hospitality staffing service has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? The next step in your career journey is just a click away – apply to your area Party Staff location today!


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