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Event Staffing in Los Angeles: How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, 30 Years and Counting


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When Kensington Caterers opened their doors over 30 years ago, the catering industry in Los Angeles, California was in the preliminary stages of becoming what it is today: an in-demand and booming corporation. With each passing decade, events and celebrations have increased in popularity and prestige. As the L.A. lifestyle shifted into the fast lane, so did Kensington’s business. But with that expansion of business came growing pains, especially for staffing. How could Kensington ensure they were hiring  enough quality employees to run their catering events?


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What Inspired the Connection 30 Years Ago

Richard Mooney, owner of Kensington Caterers, begins the story this way: “Party Staff was truly the first staffing agency to begin addressing the staffing and emergency needs of catering services. They presented solutions to the problems we could not solve on our own.”

Party Staff sought out an initial conversation with Kensington to provide options that did not exist with other competitors – W2 coverage for employees with worker’s compensation and disability insurance. With the largest roster of on-call hospitality staff in the West Coast, we take our role seriously. From the beginning, we built rapport and relationships with an extensive and diverse pool of talent in the area, which enables us to staff events with experienced and dependable industry professionals who arrive on time, are properly attired, and come ready to work.

“We chose to work with Party Staff due to their level of professionalism and operations. I felt an instant ease about our relationship that did not previously exist with other competitors. Thirty years ago, our industry was not as professional or distinguished, but Party Staff took on their role with confident competency – we were beginning a new era of Port vendors.”

How Our Business Transformed into a Long-Term Partnership

Over the years, Party Staff has been a key part of Kensington’s annual events. “We call upon them as an extension of our in-house service, and whenever we put on a gala for hundreds of people, like the Discovery Ball for the California Science Center (an event we’ve done together for 15 years) or the Oscar Wilde Awards, we rely on Party Staff. They are involved with approximately 80% of our events. In short, they are an integral element of our team’s success.”

Party Staff employees cultivated a meaningful relationship with Kensington from day one. “They have always treated us with kindness and respect, and that’s well-reciprocated by our internal team,” states Mooney. “Party Staff is an extension of Kensington. Of course, there are many ‘miniature emergencies’ with any event, but Party Staff always jumps on board with whatever is happening by filling positions or even covering for people that do not show up to events. We genuinely enjoy working with one another.”

Why Our Businesses See a Bright Future Together

With each event, Party Staff has continually earned Kensington’s trust. “There is a comfort level that I appreciate. I can call them when I have needs, especially with the many concerns and changes that arose from the pandemic. We had to pivot into new courses of action with these unforeseen challenges, but I always sensed their support as an organization. They are very customer service-forward.”

Long-term relationships are important to both Kensington and Party Staff. The event and catering space is constantly changing with fast-paced dynamics. “The level of trust I have with Party Staff is vital, especially in this industry. Having a personal relationship with management that facilitates regular workers and substitutions puts my mind at ease. I do not need to retrain people for certain events, because Party Staff knows precisely what to do – they know the ins and outs of our operations. Because they demonstrate expert service, our guests receive exquisite care at each engagement.”

The friendly and responsive care at the office level also keeps Kensington returning to the partnership, time and time again. “They are so receptive to feedback and are on my side, every time. They serve our company staff well. Of the many qualities upon which business relationships are built, communication is imperative and, in that area, Party Staff excels. I am no stranger; I talk to them at least four to five times per week.”

When Mooney was asked why he plans to continue working with our team, he offered these kind words:

“Party Staff has all the hallmarks of a good, working relationship. I depend on them to deliver an exceptional experience to my clients, which we simply cannot achieve on our own. I live and die by the people I work with, and that includes Party Staff.”

Kensington is an unreservedly strong advocate for Party Staff, and our team is grateful for their many years of support – we have a bright future ahead of us!

Interested in how Party Staff can become a trusted partner in your events? Take a look at our corporate services or book an event today!


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