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How Party Staff Can Revolutionize Your Event


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Entertaining friends, family, or colleagues should be a time for you to unwind and focus on having fun instead of worrying about the logistics of managing a full staff. As a leader in hospitality staffing services, The Party Staff has spent the past 30 years perfecting our organization, providing our clients extraordinary service when they need it the most. Simply, our goal is to meet your unique and ever-changing event needs in every way possible. So, what makes our services unique?


No hospitality staffing service is complete unless they’re able to shield their clients from liability. The last thing you need on your big night is additional stress, so we meet the highest standards of staffing compliance possible. Our hospitality staff have always been W2’d employees, we protect you by paying all payroll taxes and workers comp for their and your protection. We would never put our clients or staff at risk by utilizing unprotected 1099’d independent contractors, like some recent platform gig staffing companies have been doing. Our processes and procedures adhere to local, state, and federal HR requirements at all times, sheltering you from a number of possibilities such as potential workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. We safeguard you and your guests by carrying general, liquor, and employment practices liability insurance. At Party Staff, we treat compliance as a matter of procedure rather than just guesswork. Working with a partner that emphasizes compliance allows you to focus on other priorities and grow your business with less stress.

Quality of Staff

Ensuring that your staff leaves a lasting impression for your guests can be tough. That’s why we ensure that our team is just as excited about your event as you are. We hire service-minded and motivated employees who can seamlessly integrate into your workspace to create an unparalleled guest experience. We maintain consistently high appearance standards, with all of our employees in matching attire chosen by you.

Before entering the field, our staff is required to attend paid training seminars that assist them in gaining field experience and refining their skills. These skill addition sessions include formal service, home parties, leadership, bartending, and TIPS certification, amongst others. Our training is on-going, with our current staff also encouraged to join training sessions throughout their tenure to assist them on their career path in the service industry. We’re extremely proud of our tenacious and hard-working staff, as they often go beyond the call of duty to guarantee that our clients are satisfied and that your events run smoothly.

Ease and Experience

From hosting a few guests in your home to inviting thousands of attendees to a corporate function, Party Staff has you covered. Our seasoned managers are able to coordinate your event – overseeing staff, ensuring proper service techniques, and problem-solving if need be. We also have experienced kitchen and culinary professionals, running the gamut from executive and sous chefs to dishwashers and stewards. They’re supported by our front of house team, who serve, bartend, and run food to your guests. We’re able to tailor our staff to meet the specifications of your event, even if that means making same-day adjustments. We’re there when you need us and you carry no costs when you don’t.

Additionally, we use specially customized software, so our clients can access their account information online at any time. Through our online portal, you’re able to place orders for staff, view upcoming orders, print staff names, view past and current invoices, give event feedback, and more. We also have after-hours customer support services, so you’re able to contact a representative of the Party Staff team day or night.

How Party Staff Can Revolutionize Your Event

Since 1989, Party Staff has established relationships with a wide variety of notable clients, including top catering companies, hotels, resorts, colleges, and movie studios, along with thousands of residential clients. Our passionate approach to service has allowed us to staff over 150,000 events in the last 30 years and expand our organization to include 13 different locations in the West. At the end of the day, we strive to deliver the highest quality service possible for your event. Our compliance standards, exceptional employees, and flexible procedures are just a few of many factors that allow us to provide top-tier service to you and your guests.

Let’s make your next event extraordinary. Request a quote for your upcoming event, today.

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