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The Memorable Moments of 2021


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What a year this has been! We are excitedly planning events and goals for 2022, but feel compelled to pause for a moment, reflecting on the highlights and memories from 2021. While Party Staff is all about creating fun experiences at our events, our hearts go deeper. We know this year has been tough for many, so that’s why some of our precious moments were opportunities like these.

Giving Back

Hurricane Ida Relief for Louisiana

In late August, Hurricane Ida tore through Louisiana. Grand Isle (near the lake shore of New Orleans) suffered 10-12 levee breaks, making way for the waters to flood and destroy several homes. More than one million people lost power, and thousands had no running water. After the blow from Hurricane Laura in 2020, those in Louisiana had already suffered significant losses. Our team at Party Staff rallied up a crew of people to help with relief efforts, cleaning up debris, and supplying food. We are so grateful for those individuals who put their time and efforts to good use when people needed it the most.

California Wildfires

Multiple counties and districts  in California felt the impact of wildfires this last year. 2021 alone has seen over 8,000 wildfires, burning almost 3.1 million acres and destroying or damaging more than 3,500 structures. These fires disrupted the lives of many. The bravery and expertise of the hard-working firefighters continue to astonish all who observe their service, and Party Staff was glad to lend a helping hand to their extraordinary efforts. Groups of dedicated volunteers served meals for those who had to evacuate their homes and neighborhoods. A home is more than just brick and mortar; it’s the center of priceless memories, irreplaceable in many people’s hearts. When it’s damaged or lost, people often feel the sting of loss within themselves. That’s why we were eager to provide a small token of encouragement by supplying food and a welcoming smile during such a trying season.

Pandemic Outbreaks in Anchorage

Around our country and the world, we have all felt the impact of COVID-19. But Party Staff became aware of some unique challenges in Anchorage, Alaska. The prison suffered from significant outbreaks of the virus, and in attempts to stop the spread, they created housing units (sometimes called mods), which are self-contained units with a couch and TV to allow the sick to recover and prevent further spread. But once in a mod, individuals couldn’t leave for a certain amount of time, and they had no one to make food. That’s when some outstanding people from our team stepped in. They cooked meals and left them for those in the mods, giving them the strength to recover.

Rebuilding the Industry

During the second half of the year, the hospitality industry began to revivify, and we were ready for it. This industry is all about helping, encouraging, and serving people. The last two years have been hard on our country. Yet, our team is working hard to diligently provide opportunities for people to earn a living, to provide for themselves and their families, and to make progress in their goals, both personally and professionally. Helping the hospitality industry make a comeback has been a true joy.

We were so excited and thankful to open two new offices this year, creating even more opportunities for people to come back to work. If you swing by Orange County, you might find our staff enjoying a break with a quick round of ping-pong, or relishing the next grilled snack from the giant outdoor BBQ. In sunny San Diego, our new office is reflective of a modern art museum, showcasing the talent of local artists and their one-of-a-kind pieces. But don’t let our carefree exterior fool you – our team at Party Staff works hard to connect job seekers with the right events and have a blast in the process.

And as we look towards 2022, we will keep giving back to our communities and support hard-working Americans with opportunities to provide for themselves and their families (and have fun all along the way!)

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