Event Staffing in Los Angeles: How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, 30 Years and Counting

When Kensington Caterers opened their doors over 30 years ago, the catering industry in Los Angeles, California was in the preliminary stages of becoming what it is today: an in-demand and booming corporation. With each passing decade, events and celebrations have increased in popularity and prestige. As the L.A. lifestyle shifted into the fast lane, so did Kensington’s business. But with that expansion of business came growing pains, especially for staffing. How could Kensington ensure they were hiring  enough quality employees to run their catering events?


Kensigton Case Study (1)

What Inspired the Connection 30 Years Ago

Richard Mooney, owner of Kensington Caterers, begins the story this way: “Party Staff was truly the first staffing agency to begin addressing the staffing and emergency needs of catering services. They presented solutions to the problems we could not solve on our own.”

Party Staff sought out an initial conversation with Kensington to provide options that did not exist with other competitors – W2 coverage for employees with worker’s compensation and disability insurance. With the largest roster of on-call hospitality staff in the West Coast, we take our role seriously. From the beginning, we built rapport and relationships with an extensive and diverse pool of talent in the area, which enables us to staff events with experienced and dependable industry professionals who arrive on time, are properly attired, and come ready to work.

“We chose to work with Party Staff due to their level of professionalism and operations. I felt an instant ease about our relationship that did not previously exist with other competitors. Thirty years ago, our industry was not as professional or distinguished, but Party Staff took on their role with confident competency – we were beginning a new era of Port vendors.”

How Our Business Transformed into a Long-Term Partnership

Over the years, Party Staff has been a key part of Kensington’s annual events. “We call upon them as an extension of our in-house service, and whenever we put on a gala for hundreds of people, like the Discovery Ball for the California Science Center (an event we’ve done together for 15 years) or the Oscar Wilde Awards, we rely on Party Staff. They are involved with approximately 80% of our events. In short, they are an integral element of our team’s success.”

Party Staff employees cultivated a meaningful relationship with Kensington from day one. “They have always treated us with kindness and respect, and that’s well-reciprocated by our internal team,” states Mooney. “Party Staff is an extension of Kensington. Of course, there are many ‘miniature emergencies’ with any event, but Party Staff always jumps on board with whatever is happening by filling positions or even covering for people that do not show up to events. We genuinely enjoy working with one another.”

Why Our Businesses See a Bright Future Together

With each event, Party Staff has continually earned Kensington’s trust. “There is a comfort level that I appreciate. I can call them when I have needs, especially with the many concerns and changes that arose from the pandemic. We had to pivot into new courses of action with these unforeseen challenges, but I always sensed their support as an organization. They are very customer service-forward.”

Long-term relationships are important to both Kensington and Party Staff. The event and catering space is constantly changing with fast-paced dynamics. “The level of trust I have with Party Staff is vital, especially in this industry. Having a personal relationship with management that facilitates regular workers and substitutions puts my mind at ease. I do not need to retrain people for certain events, because Party Staff knows precisely what to do – they know the ins and outs of our operations. Because they demonstrate expert service, our guests receive exquisite care at each engagement.”

The friendly and responsive care at the office level also keeps Kensington returning to the partnership, time and time again. “They are so receptive to feedback and are on my side, every time. They serve our company staff well. Of the many qualities upon which business relationships are built, communication is imperative and, in that area, Party Staff excels. I am no stranger; I talk to them at least four to five times per week.”

When Mooney was asked why he plans to continue working with our team, he offered these kind words:

“Party Staff has all the hallmarks of a good, working relationship. I depend on them to deliver an exceptional experience to my clients, which we simply cannot achieve on our own. I live and die by the people I work with, and that includes Party Staff.”

Kensington is an unreservedly strong advocate for Party Staff, and our team is grateful for their many years of support – we have a bright future ahead of us!

Interested in how Party Staff can become a trusted partner in your events? Take a look at our corporate services or book an event today!


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The Memorable Moments of 2021

What a year this has been! We are excitedly planning events and goals for 2022, but feel compelled to pause for a moment, reflecting on the highlights and memories from 2021. While Party Staff is all about creating fun experiences at our events, our hearts go deeper. We know this year has been tough for many, so that’s why some of our precious moments were opportunities like these.

Giving Back

Hurricane Ida Relief for Louisiana

In late August, Hurricane Ida tore through Louisiana. Grand Isle (near the lake shore of New Orleans) suffered 10-12 levee breaks, making way for the waters to flood and destroy several homes. More than one million people lost power, and thousands had no running water. After the blow from Hurricane Laura in 2020, those in Louisiana had already suffered significant losses. Our team at Party Staff rallied up a crew of people to help with relief efforts, cleaning up debris, and supplying food. We are so grateful for those individuals who put their time and efforts to good use when people needed it the most.

California Wildfires

Multiple counties and districts  in California felt the impact of wildfires this last year. 2021 alone has seen over 8,000 wildfires, burning almost 3.1 million acres and destroying or damaging more than 3,500 structures. These fires disrupted the lives of many. The bravery and expertise of the hard-working firefighters continue to astonish all who observe their service, and Party Staff was glad to lend a helping hand to their extraordinary efforts. Groups of dedicated volunteers served meals for those who had to evacuate their homes and neighborhoods. A home is more than just brick and mortar; it’s the center of priceless memories, irreplaceable in many people’s hearts. When it’s damaged or lost, people often feel the sting of loss within themselves. That’s why we were eager to provide a small token of encouragement by supplying food and a welcoming smile during such a trying season.

Pandemic Outbreaks in Anchorage

Around our country and the world, we have all felt the impact of COVID-19. But Party Staff became aware of some unique challenges in Anchorage, Alaska. The prison suffered from significant outbreaks of the virus, and in attempts to stop the spread, they created housing units (sometimes called mods), which are self-contained units with a couch and TV to allow the sick to recover and prevent further spread. But once in a mod, individuals couldn’t leave for a certain amount of time, and they had no one to make food. That’s when some outstanding people from our team stepped in. They cooked meals and left them for those in the mods, giving them the strength to recover.

Rebuilding the Industry

During the second half of the year, the hospitality industry began to revivify, and we were ready for it. This industry is all about helping, encouraging, and serving people. The last two years have been hard on our country. Yet, our team is working hard to diligently provide opportunities for people to earn a living, to provide for themselves and their families, and to make progress in their goals, both personally and professionally. Helping the hospitality industry make a comeback has been a true joy.

We were so excited and thankful to open two new offices this year, creating even more opportunities for people to come back to work. If you swing by Orange County, you might find our staff enjoying a break with a quick round of ping-pong, or relishing the next grilled snack from the giant outdoor BBQ. In sunny San Diego, our new office is reflective of a modern art museum, showcasing the talent of local artists and their one-of-a-kind pieces. But don’t let our carefree exterior fool you – our team at Party Staff works hard to connect job seekers with the right events and have a blast in the process.

And as we look towards 2022, we will keep giving back to our communities and support hard-working Americans with opportunities to provide for themselves and their families (and have fun all along the way!)

Want to join us this year? Just follow the link below.

Party Staff Employment Opportunities

Book an Event with Party Staff

New Spaces & New Faces in Orange County and San Diego

After a rough 18 months, people are ready to party!

Party Staff is proud to announce that gatherings, parties, and events are back in full swing. We have new office locations and opportunities that are sure to provide fun and memorable experiences for your next job or staffed event. What’s so exciting about these vibrant new spaces? And how can they support you as a job seeker or employer? We are glad you asked.

New Office Spaces – Orange County and San Diego

While Party Staff has several excellent locations, we are currently expanding our California branches. Our offices in both Orange County and San Diego are beaming with life and color – take our word for it, the new spaces alone are worth a visit!

When you walk through our doors in Orange County, you’re greeted you with an atmosphere of fun. Swing by, and you might find our staff enjoying a break with a quick round of ping-pong, grabbing a drink from the cooler, or enjoying the next grilled snack from the giant outdoor BBQ. But don’t let our carefree exterior fool you – our team at Party Staff works hard to connect job seekers with the right events, and have a blast in the process!

In sunny San Diego, our new office is reflective of a modern art museum. The space showcases the talent of local artists, highlighting their one-of-a-kind pieces. If that isn’t enough to inspire creativity, the location also houses a tranquil Zen Garden. This quiet, beautiful space is certain to breathe serenity into any day.

These offices reflect the type of work environment we provide for our staff – engaging communities that encourage both fun and productivity. At the same time, we utilize today’s technology to ensure we complete our jobs with professionalism and efficiency. So, whether you are looking for new opportunities or need to hire more staff for your upcoming event, Party Staff is the place to go (especially in our new locations!).

Face-to-Face Connections

We have all felt the impact of the pandemic. And while our work schedules and personal plans changed for a time, job opportunities and celebrations are alive and thriving again. This is fantastic news, especially if you’re looking for new ways to earn money and build your work experience. Party Staff provides our seasonal work for events like NFL games, the PGA tour, the Oscars, MLB spring training, and more. Working at these unforgettable events is the chance of a lifetime.

And if you are planning your next big gathering for your company but need more staff to pull off your epic gathering, Party Staff’s team is up to the task. Since 1989, our business has consistently delivered exceptional hospitality staffing solutions for countless corporate, residential, and sporting events across the West Coast. Together, we can plan your next legendary event.

The Right Balance

Pick the jobs you want! When you work with Party Staff, you can drop, swap, and pick up shifts with colleagues, tailoring your work schedule to what’s important to you. Plus, every Party Staff event provides a new, lasting memory. Instead of spending your days in a cubicle or glued to a computer screen, you can experience new events all the time. The hospitality industry offers flexibility with multiple work schedules.

When you work with the Party Staff as an employer, we protect your company from all angles. We supply full workers’ compensation insurance (it’s illegal to employ staff without this), five million dollars in general liability insurance, and one million dollars in liquor liability insurance. We pay and administer all legally required payroll taxes, including social security, state disability, and unemployment, as well as state and federal taxes on behalf of our staff and clients. Plus, to further mitigate risk, we carry one million dollars in employment practices liability insurance. Our seasoned hospitality pros are ready to leave a stellar first impression for your next event.

So, there you have it. If you are looking for a job, we have options galore. If you need to hire staff, we have the connections. Contact us today, or better yet, stop by so we can chat face-to-face.

Interested in learning more about Party Staff and what we can do for you? Contact us today.


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Coming Out of COVID 19

Life as we knew it was turned upside down in 2020 with the onslaught of COVID-19. As restaurants and establishments closed and with unemployment peaking at 24.5% in April of 2020, it seemed our world started to shrink. We stayed home more, created more Zoom accounts, and picked up some new hobbies. With more time on our hands and companies opening up work from home options, pet adoptions soared, and many of us tried our hand at baking. Despite stay-at-home orders, we became more connected than ever with virtual hang out apps like HouseParty bursting onto the scene.

You know what it’s been like. You’ve been there.

How Coronavirus Affected The Party Staff

At The Party Staff, 2020 was a year of change for us too. The pandemic strengthened our adaptability muscles, and we’re proud to still be standing today. We made big shifts in our business, moving to completely virtual hiring, onboarding, and training processes. While typical events and weddings got cancelled or postponed, hospitals and senior living facilities, supermarkets, and food manufacturing firms needed our help.

The year was a challenge. One we had no choice but to accept.

With 2021 well underway and spring bringing with it a fresh start, we’re seeing events bounce back. Venues are enforcing cleaning and safety procedures, allowing in-person corporate events to take place once again. The Waste Management Open, an event known for the rowdy 16th hole (and one we’ve staffed for many years), was proud to invite people back, even with reduced attendance. The Valero Texas Open was also back on, though with enforced social distancing and many safety guidelines, including banning autographs. Although things are improving and moving towards getting back on track, it’s still a cautious time. If you’ve been biding your time at home, collecting unemployment, you’re not alone.

Where We Go From Here

There is light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. The vaccine is becoming more widely available and safety precautions will continue to be enforced. Sanitation stations have popped up and masks are often complimentary.

As always, The Party Staff puts your health and safety first. We’re ready to get you off unemployment and back to work. We have a variety of positions available, including the ones you know and love, like bartender, server, and prep cook, and some newer positions, including sanitation station attendant, temperature checker, door and elevator attendant, and more.  Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you find it.

We’re currently offering opportunities for raises and bonuses for completed shifts on top of our already great rates. Know someone who would be a great fit? Refer them to The Party Staff and you’ll get rewarded. We are diligently working with our clients to ensure that the fun places we provide for you to work are equally as safe. It’s an exciting time to be a part of The Party Staff. Come join us.

Check out our open positions and apply today.

The Party Staff Celebrates 30 Years of Hospitality Staffing Success!

The Party Staff Inc., a leader in hospitality staffing services, is thrilled to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Since opening their doors in 1989, The Party Staff has consistently delivered exceptional hospitality staffing solutions for countless corporate, residential, and sporting events across the west coast.

“We’re so incredibly proud of the work that we do. We put our heart and soul into every event,” said Bill Horttor, Vice President of Business Development at The Party Staff. “These 30 years have been filled with cherished memories, for both us and for all of the guests whose lives we’ve touched in the process.”

Over the past three decades, The Party Staff has provided hundreds of thousands of hospitality professionals for a variety of social functions and special events. Their continued commitment to excellence is unmatched in the hospitality staffing industry, making them a natural choice to provide staff for distinguished events like the Waste Management Phoenix Open and the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Furthermore, The Party Staff remains an active member of the community, giving back in every region they have offices in. Last year, during the devastating California wildfires, The Party Staff partnered with a specialty emergency catering service to provide food to emergency responders. Even after the California fires were officially contained, the crew forged on to support the firefighters at another blaze in Northport, Washington.

“Our rapid growth in the past few years has allowed us to become ingrained in more communities than ever before,” said Bill. “As we look towards the future, we’re constantly seeking opportunities to give back to every area that we work in. We can’t wait to see what The Party Staff accomplishes in the next 30 years!”

Discover for yourself why The Party Staff services have remained unparalleled in the industry since 1989 – start planning your next event now.

Behind the Scenes with a Seasoned Employee: What Working for The Party Staff Could Mean for Your Future

From the day that we opened our doors, we knew one thing to be certain: exceptional employees would make or break the success of our company. Providing so many services, and each one tailored to the unique specifications of every client or event, is no easy task. We’re grateful for our incredible team members that take on that challenge day in and day out.

So, what’s it like to spend every day on the job working in an exotic location, surrounded by new people? We sat down with long-time employee Robert G. to gain some insight on his experience as a Party Staff employee and what’s kept him with our team for over six years.

A Little About Robert

Robert applied to The Party Staff at the height of the recession. At the time, he owned his own catering company, but finding new clients was more difficult than ever and business was becoming scarce. That said, his heart was still in the service industry, and he began his tenure with us as a cook. With 15 years of catering experience and a degree from Corden Bleu Pasadena under his belt, Robert was more than qualified for the job. This begs the question: what about The Party Staff drew him to the role and has kept him with us for all of these years? Here’s what he shared with us.

Achieving Autonomy (& Happiness)

As previously mentioned, every day at The Party Staff is unique, and not just because each event that we staff is different. Party Staff employees are offered flexibility within their roles, both when it comes to their schedules and the responsibilities of their positions. For Robert, this has been one of the greatest benefits of the job. Every week, he’s able to choose his own work schedule, deciding which events he’d like to take on. Plus, outside of working solely as a cook, he has worked numerous other shifts in both the front and back of the house, sharpening new skillsets and challenging himself.

Today, work-life balance has become a game-changer for countless employees, regardless of their industry, with 73% of employees believing flexible work arrangements increase their on-the-job satisfaction. Unfortunately, nearly the exact same number of workers (72%) are unsatisfied with their current work-life balance, causing some to turn towards alternatives that offer more freedom.

From this, the gig economy has sprouted, drawing independent contractors to opt for contingent opportunities over the typical employment route. On the surface, this type of work seems beneficial on numerous fronts, but ultimately, it’s an unstable solution for a majority of professionals. At The Party Staff, we offer reliable, flexible employment for our team members, even providing benefits like 401(k), worker’s compensation, and insurance for eligible workers. As opposed to wishy-washy contracts, our combination of security and autonomy is one of the reasons that Robert values The Party Staff so much – his job is catered (no pun intended) to exactly what he needs to make life work.


Gaining Unparalleled Experience

Robert’s other favorite perk about working for The Party Staff is the extensive experience he’s gained. He’s been able to hone a variety of new skills, both through hands-on learning and through the professional development training courses that we offer our team members. From cooking to serving to bartending, these skill-development opportunities are paid and allow our employees to try out new skills or further develop their existing abilities. From one of these courses, Robert was even able to become a TIPS-certified bartender!

His experience extends beyond just the professional opportunities though – Robert also considers the personal experiences he’s had as a huge benefit. As a Party Staff employee, he’s in the thick of the action at once-in-a-lifetime events on a regular basis.

“I’ve been in California for the past 40 years and I’ve never seen some of these places,” said Robert. “Museums, halls, arenas; big events happening for hundreds or thousands of people! It feels incredible to be a part of something so huge.”

These exciting functions make for a unique work atmosphere – one that promotes fun and positivity for guests and employees alike. While Robert hasn’t personally worked them due to his location, examples of these experiences include the Waste Management Phoenix Open and the Primetime Emmy Awards, two major cultural events that we partner with annually.

Choosing a Hospitality Job That Works for You

Working extraordinary events with The Party Staff is about more than just a paycheck – it’s an incredible chance to further your career and broaden your horizons. Over the past 30 years, The Party Staff has provided hospitality workers for thousands of social functions and special events expanding across the entire West Coast. Robert is just one example of countless hard-working and trustworthy employees who’ve embraced the exceptional opportunities that working with a hospitality staffing service has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? The next step in your career journey is just a click away – apply to your area Party Staff location today!


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Behind the Scenes at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

For nearly a decade, The Party Staff has had the opportunity to support the Waste Management Phoenix Open with servers and cooks. The prolific golf tournament takes place over the course of one week, requiring skilled and passionate hospitality staff to ensure that guests have a memorable, first-rate experience. Navigating the Phoenix Open is no easy task, so we sat down with our Regional Staffing Manager, Tim, and Regional Sales Manager, Bill Horttor, for their insight on the event. Here’s what we learned:

Breaking Down the Phoenix Open

If you’re not familiar with the Waste Management Phoenix Open, it’s safe to say that you’re missing out. Even non-golf fans flock to the annual event, excited to take part in the camaraderie in the stands. Unlike other PGA tour events, the Phoenix Open has a relaxed atmosphere with overtly rambunctious spectators. The 16th hole alone boasts a 20,000-seat stadium for fans, where many of The Party Staff workers are located, serving food and drink throughout the duration of the week-long event. Attracting over half a million attendees, the Open is regarded as the best-attended event in golf and is often referred to by the nickname “The Greatest Show on Grass.”

The Party Staff Perspective

For the past 9 years, The Party Staff has provided staffing solutions for the Phoenix Open, accommodating its high-profile guests and world-class golfers. From local ASU students to elite celebrities, the Open attracts a wide-range of attendees, all excited to take part in the fanfare. In the past, The Party Staff team has been primarily located at the infamous 16th hole, as well as the 16th, 17th, and 18th hole skyboxes. Along with those locations, they also had workers stationed in the new Corporate Village this year.

At each location, servers and cooks offered guests 3 meals per day; breakfast, lunch, and a happy hour. These food action stations gave attendees the choice between hot and cold meals, featuring options such as gourmet sandwiches, fresh-tossed salads, and signature plates that featured finer cuisine like seared ahi tuna. From January 29th to February 3rd, The Party Staff served an estimated 70,000 to 80,000 guests per day.

Giving Back to the Phoenix Community

On top of being an exciting event for everyone involved, the Phoenix Open is beneficial to the local community in many ways. The Thunderbirds, 55 executives and leaders from the Phoenix area, are the founders and main sponsors of the event. The group is notorious for their work with the underprivileged – something that is reflected throughout the Phoenix Open. Since its inception, the tournament has raised over $134 million for Arizona charities, including the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Special Olympics Arizona, and Save the Family. In addition, the Phoenix Open strives to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. Along with providing one recycling bin for every trash can available, one day of the tournament is dubbed “Green Out Day”, where all attendees are encouraged to wear green to promote eco-awareness.

Sink a Hole-in-One with The Party Staff

“The Waste Management Phoenix Open is an experience. It’s far and away one of the most exciting events that we staff and, even after working it for the past 9 years, I can’t help but look forward to it each January,” said Phoenix Office Director Tom Lata.

Along with the Waste Management Phoenix Open, The Party Staff provides hospitality workers for a variety of prominent events. With 13 teams stationed across the west coast, we’re able to cater to parties as large as the Primetime Emmy Awards and as small as a backyard barbeque. Regardless of the event, each day working with The Party Staff is new and exhilarating, constantly introducing our staff members to unique experiences. The benefits don’t end there though – our flexible scheduling, skill sharpening courses, and opportunities to give back to the local community are just a few of the other perks offered to our staff.

Learn more about what a hospitality career with The Party Staff can do for your future by reaching out today!


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Party Staff Delivers Staffing Solutions for Waste Management Phoenix Open

Phoenix, AZ – The Party Staff Inc., a leader in hospitality staffing services, will be providing staff members for the Waste Management Phoenix Open for the duration of the tournament. This will be the 9th year that The Party Staff will be accommodating the event’s high-profile guests and world-class golfers.

From January 29th to February 3rd, The Party Staff will be supplying 107 staff members each day in a range of positions, including cooks, servers, and event managers. The workers will be primarily stationed at Hole 16; Corporate Village; and the 16th, 17th, and 18th Hole Skyboxes.

Since the tournament was established in 1932, the Phoenix Open has become notorious for its relaxed atmosphere and vibrant fans, earning it the nickname “The Greatest Show on Grass.” As one of the most popular events on the PGA tour calendar, it attracts nearly half a million people each year, including celebrities and local elites.

“The Waste Management Phoenix Open is by far one of our favorite events to staff each year, not only for the fun environment, but for the endless contributions made to the Phoenix community,” said The Party Staff Regional Sales Manager Bill Horrtor. “Their generous donations to local charities, along with their efforts to keep the Open as ‘green’ and earth-friendly as possible, are what make this event stand out for us.”

Each year, portions of the proceeds of the Open are donated to area programs that benefit youth. Recent beneficiaries include Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Special Olympics Arizona, and Save the Family. In 2018, the tournament raised over $12 million for charity, with more than $134 million raised over the tournament’s 83-year history.

About The Party Staff Inc.

Founded in 1989, The Party Staff Inc. has provided hundreds of thousands of hospitality professionals for a plethora of social functions and special events. From corporate, catered events to residential home parties, the Party Staff team has a strong commitment to excellence that is unmatched in the hospitality staffing industry. For additional information, visit www.partystaff.com.

Party Staff Employees Assist in California Wildfire Relief Efforts

Los Angeles, CA – The Party Staff Inc., a leader in hospitality staffing services, partnered with a specialty emergency catering service to provide staff members at the Ferguson Fire. The fire spanned more than 96,000 acres, causing the closure of Yosemite National Park and numerous highway shutdowns. Party Staff had 15 employees on-site serving food to the nearly 2,000 firefighters and personnel working to suppress the fire.

Party Staff Employees Assist in California Wildfire Relief Efforts

“These wildfires were devastating the area, taking the lives and livelihoods of thousands of citizens,” said Phoenix Office Director Tom Lata. “We feel honored to support the incredible men and women that put themselves on the front lines to contain the Ferguson Fire.”

The emergency catering services consisted of three self-contained mobile kitchens that were kept in a controlled environment approximately 3 to 4 miles from the fire. All of the units were prepared to be mobilized within hours if the fire was to change course. Party Staff employees were onsite for the duration of their work, camping in nearby tents.

“Everyone involved made extraordinary sacrifices for the safety and security of others,” said Party Staff Regional Sales Manager Bill Horttor. “Our staff did excellent work assisting the emergency team and ensuring the wellbeing of the firefighters. We could not be more proud of their dedication.”

Now that the Ferguson Fire is officially contained, the emergency catering crew, including the Party Staff employees, is en route to the Horns Mountain Fire in Northport, Washington, which has burned more than 4,000 acres to date.

About The Party Staff Inc.

Founded in 1989, The Party Staff Inc. has provided hundreds of thousands of hospitality professionals for a plethora of social functions and special events. From corporate, catered events to residential home parties, the Party Staff team has a strong commitment to excellence that is unmatched in the hospitality staffing industry. For additional information, visit https://partystaff.com/.

Part-Time Events: Your Key to Stellar Work-Life Balance

Corporate America is wrought with employees who lack fulfillment from their career. Whether it’s an absence of satisfaction or a hunger to be challenged, 85% of employees are not engaged at work. Coupled with the fact that the U.S. is the most overworked developed nation in the world, it should come as no surprise that the majority of the workforce is indifferent to their current organization or career. Now, with employees spending more of their lives at work than they do at their own homes, it’s time to stop wasting precious hours in a role that provides nothing more than a paycheck. Instead, workers should turn their attention to careers that can provide them with flexibility in their daily lives.

The Impact of Autonomy

A large portion of the dissatisfaction in current work culture is the complete lack of autonomy for employees. Rigid work hours, limited vacation days, and minimal paid parental leave all contribute to the mounting frustration. Workers feel overworked and underappreciated, with little to no control over their own schedules.

Work-life balance and flexible work options have been proven to help alleviate some of this pain, improving job satisfaction and overall employee happiness in many cases. These schedules allow you to expend your energy into many parts of your life, such as relationships, health, and personal development, instead of primarily on work.

With more time to spend with family and friends, as well as involved in personal hobbies, you gain a better sense of purpose, belonging, and contentment. The annual World Happiness Report stated that autonomy leads to personal satisfaction and that work-life balance is a strong predictor of happiness. Personal and professional lives have an undeniable correlation – meaning that satisfactory home lives typically beget happiness and efficiency on the job as well. In fact, happy workers are 12% more productive than their counterparts.

Take Control of Your Happiness

The adage “instead of working for your job, make your job work for you” seems to accurately sum up the direction that many employees are taking in today’s employment market. American workers’ willingness to quit their jobs is at a 17-year high, begging the question: where do workers go from here? One alternative to a 9-5 desk job is taking on part-time work in the hospitality staffing industry.

There are a few key components that make working part-time in hospitality unique. For one, you have the ability to choose a consistent work schedule or request different hours every week. It’s easy to drop, swap, and pick-up shifts with colleagues, molding your work schedule around your higher priorities. Along with that, every single event is different. From working award ceremonies to private residential events, there’s always something new and exciting right around the corner. Working in the hospitality staffing industry is a far cry from spending your days in a cubicle. Furthermore, part-time event work can act as supplemental income if you are seeking an additional source of money. The flexibility of the hospitality industry makes it simple to seamlessly balance multiple work schedules.

Part-Time Events: Your Key to Stellar Work-Life Balance

It’s pretty simple: you should feel like there’s more to success than your work. Autonomous careers can help fulfill your life by simultaneously providing a stable income and work-life balance. Hospitality staffing companies, like Party Staff, are a solid alternative for individuals who are looking to break out of the chains of corporate America. Party Staff currently offers more work than any other staffing company in the hospitality staffing industry at 13 different locations across the United States.

Interested in learning more about Party Staff and what their careers can do for you? Contact us today.